Race and Equity

We are committed to fair and just opportunities and outcomes for all people.

A team of bold, focused and interdependent racial equity leaders, the Division of Race & Equity drives culture change throughout the City enterprise. The division grew out of the City of Minneapolis’ racial and transgender equity work of the past decade. In December 2017, the City Council formalized this work and gave it a base of operations by naming the Division of Race & Equity. We work to integrate racial equity concerns into all levels of City policy and practice. By doing so, we aim to dismantle systemic disparities and institutionalized racism to improve the lives of residents. We collaborate with City staff and community members to: 

  • Advise staff, elected officials and residents on policies, practices and procedures to reduce disparities for residents who are transgender or from communities of color 
  • Foster and leverage partnerships in the community and across City government, the region, the state and the nation to craft innovative solutionsaligned with City values, goals, priorities and plansthat address disparities and foster a vibrant Minneapolis 
  • Design and implement capacity-building tools and resources that increase the ability of staff, leaders, elected officials and residents to understand and grapple with issues of equity, including anti-racism, transgender equity, racial trauma, reconciliation, healing and systems change 
  • Build and maintain advisory bodies and other entities or mechanisms that allow staff and residents to inform decision-making on policies aimed at reducing racial and transgender disparities  

Division of Race and Equity Ordinance

City Council definitions

  • Equity: Fair and just opportunities and outcomes for all people.
  • Racial equity: The development of policies, practices and strategic investments to reverse racial disparity trends, eliminate institutional racism, and ensure that outcomes and opportunities for all people are no longer predictable by race.

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