Performance and Innovation

We help the City innovate and transform citizens’ lives while addressing barriers to developing and implementing solutions.

What we do

Research shows that cities are uniquely positioned to innovate and transform citizens’ lives, but face many barriers to developing and implementing solutions to tough challenges. The Minneapolis Innovation Team serves as an in-house consulting team focused on helping the City address complex and pressing challenges that contribute to racial disparities. Based in the City Coordinators Office of City Hall, our team works side by side with key City staff, residents, and community organizations, to develop new solutions that move the dial toward equity in Minneapolis.

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Our focus on equity

Despite Minneapolis’ reputation as one of the most progressive, thriving cities in the country, it has some of the worst racial disparities out of all major cities in America. In socio-economic indicators across the board – household income, poverty rates, educational attainment, home ownership, and health outcomes – there are significant and persistent gaps that exist between white residents and residents of color. Through a relentless commitment to research, collaboration, community engagement, project management, data and design, the Innovation Team’s mission is to push for bold new ideas and achieve concrete results that reverse racial disparity trends in Minneapolis.


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