Case information

You can find information on public closed case summaries published by Office of Police Conduct Review staff.

Case summaries

The Office of Police Conduct Review publishes public versions of Closed Case Summaries. The summaries provide additional information and transparency regarding complaints as well as outcomes. 

A Closed Case Summary can include:

  • Information on the initial complaint
  • Potential violations for review
  • Additional evidence or sources reviewed by investigators
  • The routing or final disposition of the complaint

Case summaries will have identifying information removed to ensure that they remain available to the public.

The first three case summaries were released November 2013:

Review public closed case summaries published by the Office of Police Conduct Review

Police Conduct Oversight Commission selection of closed case synopses

At each regular meeting, in order to assist in identifying what closed cases will have public summaries created, the Police Conduct Oversight Commission (PCOC) commissioners are presented with:

  • Ten (10) case synopses
  • A brief description of the complaint and outcome

Commissioners select three synopses to be presented at the following Commission meeting for analysis as public case summaries.

As public case summaries, they will contain more detailed case information.

Review case synopses

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