Statement of purpose

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To issue fair and impartial decisions that promote transparency and garner public trust


To be the leading Civil Rights agency at the forefront of establishing civil rights protections for the City of Minneapolis


The Complaint Investigations Division will conduct FAIR investigations to promote our values of fellowship, advancement, integrity, and respect to remedy and deter acts of discrimination

  • Fellowship - Promote fellowship with legal and diverse regional communities, to cultivate partnerships that promote the ideals of equity, equality, and justice
  • Advancement - We enforce the Minneapolis Civil Rights Ordinance with a commitment to advancing the public interest of civil rights
  • Integrity – We hold our ourselves accountable to a high ethical code, ensuring the integrity of the Division’s/Department’s administrative process
  • Respect – We respect all parties and community partners by maintaining a work environment of professionalism and civility

A brief history of civil rights protections in Minneapolis

Protections of civil rights within the City of Minneapolis have existed for over 70 years.  Today, the Complaint Investigations Division of the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights works diligently to ensure that all non-discrimination protections are enforced within the City for all people

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Complaint Investigations Division

Kaela McConnon Diarra

Interim Director



City Hall
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