Equity Division

We collaborate with other City departments to develop policies and practices that address institutional racism. We also manage Urban Scholars.

The Civil Rights Equity Division (CRED) leads the department’s equity work in support of the City wide goal of One Minneapolis and is charged with improving equitable service delivery and organizational culture across divisions through the use of an equity lens and framework and to support the City’s various enterprise equity initiatives. By addressing racial bias in decision making through the implementation and increased use of racial equity tools and training, CRED aims to improve operations, internal systems, policies and programs, and organizational culture.

CRED also oversees Urban Scholars, the City’s leadership and professional development program for students of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. The program works to raise awareness, and address the core causes, of the employment disparities across the Metro by partnering with organizations and growing the pipeline of recently-graduated professionals.

Services provided

  • Manages and administer the Urban Scholars Program for the City and its regional partners.
  • Improves equitable service delivery and organizational culture across Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights divisions through the intentional use of an equity lens and framework.
  • Creates, strengthens, and maintains external partnership in order to advance local and regional equity work.

Mission statement

To support and encourage efforts by all employers to hire, retain, and promote more people of color and continue to collaborate more intentionally with private, public and nonprofit partners to close racial disparities in the metropolitan area.    

Vision statement

A city where everyone can thrive economically and where race will no longer predict individuals' level of educational attainment, likelihood of going to prison, life expectancy, income or employment status.


Prioritizing racial equity

We will recognize that institutional racism is a crucial issue in employment disparities and educate the community accordingly. Our efforts will be intentional and effective in generating fair impacts and outcomes for all individuals and communities seeking and retaining employment.

Building strategic alliances towards equitable solutions

We will identify and collaborate with other organizations to unite efforts in creating equitable and viable solutions.

Empowering leaders of tomorrow

We will provide students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds with a distinctive professional experience focused on gaining essential leadership skills and career pathways to positions of influence.

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Civil Rights Equity Division

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