Equity Division

We apply an equity framework to effect change.

Discrimination has been illegal for decades

  • When people believe they are a victim of discrimination, they can file a complaint.
  • When an investigation finds discrimination, remedies can occur for an individual.

Remedies rarely go beyond the individual harmed

  • Even though people file complaints, the systems and institutions responsible are not changed.
  • Inequities persist for many black, indigenous and people of color.
  • These persistent inequities are a civil rights issue.  
  • We are addressing inequities at the systems and institutional level.

Our department uses a racial equity lens to effect change on the way we do work

  • In the Civil Rights Department
  • In the City of Minneapolis
  • With groups across our city 

Our work includes 

  • Education and awareness 
  • Research and analysis 
  • Program development and implementation 


An example of our work is the creation and management of Urban Scholars. 

  • We developed this program in response to the employment gap data.
  • We continue to use a racial equity framework while managing the program. 

Read about Urban Scholars 

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Civil Rights Equity Division

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