Our civil and criminal divisions perform legal services and prosecute crimes. We also manage several programs and initiatives.

Civil Division

Our Civil Division teams provides legal services to the City's:

  • Elected officials and staff
  • Departments
  • Independent boards and commissions

The Client Services Team

This team provides a range of legal services and advice to the City’s elected officials, boards and commissions, and all City departments. To provide best-in-class legal services, we:

  • Draft City ordinances to policy advice
  • Negotiate and draft complex development agreements
  • Advise on constitutional protections

The Litigation Team

This team represents the City of Minneapolis in administrative proceedings and in federal and state court to:

  • Hold landlords accountable
  • Defend against challenges to City ordinances and policies
  • Advocate for Minneapolis and its residents

Criminal Division

Our Criminal Division prosecutes crimes committed by adults in the City of Minneapolis, including:

  • Misdemeanors
  • Gross misdemeanors
  • Petty misdemeanors

Victim/witness specialist program

We support victims and witnesses involved in the cases we prosecute.

Learn about our victim/witness specialists

Diversion programs

We manage several diversion programs for offenders.

Learn about our diversion programs

Public safety initiatives

We develop and implement smart public safety initiatives that:

  • Seek the best long-term outcomes, not by measuring the number of convictions and the severity of sentences
  • Address the underlying needs of chronic offenders
  • Use treatment courts and effective programming for other offenders
  • Divert offenders with minor offenses to resolutions outside traditional prosecution

Diversion programs

We have many programs to help offenders avoid criminal charges today by learning how to avoid future offenses.

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