Important dates

The Assessor's Office provides a listing of important dates and deadlines for assessment programs and property taxes.

Dates and descriptions


January 2

Assessment date for both real and personal property.

February 1

Last day to file for tax-exempt status with the assessor.

March 31

Last day for county treasurers to mail Property Tax Statements to property owners. Note corrected statements are mailed throughout the year.

March - April

Valuation Notices are mailed to property owners.

April - May

Local Boards of Appeal and Equalization convene and reconvene.

April 30

Last day to file Tax Court petition for dispute over value that affects the taxes payable in the current year.

May 1

Last day to file application for Green Acres for the current assessment year.

May 15 

First-half real property taxes due.


County Boards of Appeal and Equalization convene.

July 1

Last day for senior citizens to file for property tax deferral (for the next year’s tax).

July 1

Last day disabled veterans can file applications for value exclusion for the current assessment year.

August 15

Property Tax Refund Returns (Form M1PR) due. You can claim your refund up to one year past this date (e.g., returns due Aug. 15, 2018 can be filed and claimed until Aug 15, 2019).

October 1

Last day for taxpayers to apply for class 1b (blind and disabled) for current assessment year.

October 15

Last day to pay second half of real estate taxes unless part of the parcel is classified 2a agricultural land.

November 3

Last day to file application for Open Space for the next assessment year.

November 10 - 25

Truth-in-Taxation notices sent to all property owners.

November 25

Truth-in-Taxation meetings may occur on or after this date.

December 1

Property owners and relative occupants must move into their home by this date to be eligible for homestead for the current year.

December 15

Last day for real property owners to file a homestead application with the assessor for the current year’s assessment.

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