Calls and voicemail

You can make calls using Teams, and configure or check your desk phone voicemail from home.

Calls with Microsoft Teams

City employees can use audio conferencing to talk with a group on the phone using Microsoft Teams. Teams is our City standard for online meetings. You can connect with your coworkers at the City and with external, non-City partners for free. Microsoft Teams is installed on all City computers.

Request a dial-in number

Dial-in number

You may have meeting guests who are driving, have poor internet reception, or who do not have a computer or smart device available. We can give you a Teams phone number and host PIN that will automatically appear in your online meeting invitations so that everyone can join in the conversation.

Request a dial-in number

Without a dial-in option

You can hold online calls or meetings through Teams, using your computer speakers. There is no cost to hold these meetings. Non-City employees can join in these meetings, too. This method of connecting audio is free. 

Learn how to make a free Teams call

Additional resources

Microsoft Teams - Meetings and calls 

Desk phone voicemail

Configure your desk phone voicemail

You can configure your voicemail options even when you are away from your desk.

Forward voicemails to your City email

City employees have the option to have desk phone voicemails forwarded to their City email accounts so they can listen to the messages. Submit a request to IT using the link below. When you click on the link you may need to sign in using your City network account and password. 

Request desk phone and voicemail services 

Access your desk phone voicemail from home

If you don't have voicemail to email forwarding, you can use these steps to check your City voicemail when you are out of the office:

  1. Dial the external voice mail phone number 612-673-5900.
  2. Enter your extension, and then press # key.
  3. Enter your password, and then press the # key.

To change your greeting: 

  1. Call 612-673-5900.
  2. Dial extension, then # key.
  3. Dial password, then # key.
  4. Dial 8 for Answering Options.
  5. Dial 1 For Personal Greeting, then 2 for Regular Greeting.
  6. Set the Internal Greeting (option 3) and External greeting (option 4).
  7. Press 1 to record a new greeting.

Be sure to say your phone number twice to help your callers receive the information.