More mental health services covered at no charge

July 12, 2021

Starting Aug. 1, employees and their family members covered by the City’s medical plan will each have access to up to 20 visits for mental health services covered at 100%. The enhanced mental health benefits will include the first 10 office visits, including evaluations and diagnostic and treatment services, and 10 intensive outpatient program visits per year per person with an in-network or out-of-network provider at no charge. After the 20 visits, regular plan benefits and coverage will apply. Medica will send a letter to members’ homes soon with more information.

Firefighters and sworn Police Department employees and their covered family members received access to this enhanced mental health benefit Jan. 1 through a pilot program.

Find a mental health provider

This new benefit allows you to see the mental health provider of your choice without worrying about network status or referral requirements. Medica will process and pay all eligible claims to eliminate concerns about out-of-pocket costs and confidentiality.

To find a mental health provider in your network, call 1-800-848-8327 or search online:

  • Go to
  • Click “Member through employer.”
  • Select your plan (your plan is on your Medica ID card).
  • Click “Mental Health Providers and Counselors.”

If you see an out-of-network provider for mental health care, you will need to pay your bill with the provider and then submit a claim form to Medica with your itemized bill for reimbursement. Call Medica customer service at 952-945-8000 for help with the claim form process.

Other mental health services

Employee assistance program

All City employees – whether covered or not by the City’s employee medical plan – have access to the employee assistance program, which provides confidential services to help employees and their family members deal with a wide array of issues. With the program, you have access to help such as unlimited calls with a master level counselor 24/7, and five in-person counseling sessions covered at 100%. The City also has an onsite employee assistance provider. You can access these services by:

It’s OK to Not Be OK campaign

In addition, the City is running a yearlong mental health and well-being campaign to reduce the stigma of mental illness and create a culture that supports the mental health and well-being of City employees. Learn more and get involved by visiting the It's OK to Not Be OK webpage. 


Call Medica customer service at 952-945-8000 with questions about your benefits and resources.