Halogen Tasks for Supervisors

Here are supervisor responsibilities in PerformMinneapolis.

All supervisors are required to 

  • Establish work expectations for new employees, new to the city or new to your unit
  • Review and update work expectations for existing employees, checking if standards are accurate and really reflect work done in a fully acceptable manner. 
  • Meet on a regular basis with employees to discuss work and provide feedback.
  • Enter regular Supervisor Notes in Halogen to record accomplishments, challenges and conversations with employees.
  • Review each employee's self-appraisal.
  • Prepare and draft a performance appraisal and hold a two-way performance discussion with each employee.

Using Halogen

Supervisors have two additional items on their Halogen menu:

  • My Employees Classis view -- lists all the employees reporting to you with links to their work expectations, development opportunities, feedback, forms and documents. 
  • Task Status -- applies only when you are in a process, like performance appraisal. It lists only the employees in that process, shows where those employees are in the process, and lists the tasks that you need to do.

Details about using these two features are in Halogen tips for supervisors

Instructions for Halogen tasks can be found in the Halogen User Guides.



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