Rental license application

We explain how to apply for a Minneapolis rental license.

Apply for a rental license

You can submit an application for a Minneapolis rental license in person or by mail.

Submit in person or by mail

If your application requires a notarized local contact person or management company, or if you're paying by check or cash, you can download the Rental License Application and either:

Update or close a rental license

Complete a change contact information form:

  • To change a contact address or phone number on a rental license
  • If a contact person's name has legally changed due to marriage or other reasons
    • Make sure to submit a copy of the marriage certificate or a signed and notarized affidavit of the name change.
  • To close a license

To change or add a new contact person of record:

Resubmit the rental license application with a notarized signature from the new contact and the owner.

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