Site plans

We explain what a site plan is and what it should include.


A site plan is a drawing of your property that shows:

  • The property lines
  • Any structures currently on the land, such as a house, garage and fence
  • The location of your proposed addition, deck, porch, garage, fence or other planned change

Contents of a site plan

Your site plan should include:

  • An arrow indicating north
  • The scale of the drawing (Use the most appropriate scale, for example, 1" = 10’, 1" = 20’, 1/4" = 1’.)
  • Property lines (For most additions, property lines will need to be physically located. Also, we may require a certificate of survey, signed by a licensed surveyor, in some cases.)
  • Adjacent streets and any easements
  • The distance between buildings and between buildings and property lines
  • The dimensions of the existing buildings
  • A clear indication of the proposed addition or change
  • Other appropriate items for your project

See a sample residential site plan

For additions, you must submit two copies of the site plan. We might also require an architectural plan, a structural plan or both.

Site plan review

A site plan review determines compliance with local ordinances and applicable state building and mechanical codes. This review is done by a city planner. When the planner gives approval, the next step is to apply for permits.

Projects that usually do not require a site plan review

Siding, roofs, window replacement, and miscellaneous repairs do not require a site plan review. Most electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits also do not require a site plan review.

Changes to the site plan

After your site plan has been approved, any changes to it must also be approved.

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