Door-to-door and secondhand sales

We list license applications for door-to-door and secondhand sales.

We list the applications for a new license. Before you begin, look at our instructions on how to apply for a business license. 

License applications 

Donation Collection Bin : A container for the public to donate items to reuse or recycle.

Flea Market : A temporary sale of arts, crafts, antiques or secondhand goods. 

Pawnbroker : A business that:

  • Lends money with personal property used as collateral
  • Lends money in exchange for a mortgage on personal property
  • Buys personal property with the intent of selling the same back again 
  • Sells personal property on consignment

Precious Metal Dealer : Buying and selling used items containing precious metals. Jewelry stores or coin shops that buy or trade these items need a license.

Peddler : Door to door sales. Payment and delivery occur immediately. 

Solicitor, Individual : An individual who takes orders for future delivery of goods or services.

Secondhand Goods Dealer : The sale of previously owned items. This does not include motor vehicles.

Transient Merchant : The sale of goods at a temporary location.

Youth Fundraising : Groups with people age 17 or under, participating in fundraising programs. Details:

  • You must register with the City of Minneapolis.
  • We do not charge a fee.
  • Examples of youth fundraising groups:
    • Public or private schools
    • Scouts
    • Community sports
  • Every person, age 17 or under, participating in youth fundraising must display an identification (ID) card at all times

Read rules for ID cards

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