Event races

You need an event permit for a race when any part of the event occurs on a city street.

Race permit

We require a permit for event races when any part of the event occurs on a city street.

Types of races include:

  • Bicycle races
  • Foot races
  • Race walking
  • Wheelchair racing
  • Rollerblading
  • Marathons
  • Jogging events

Race permit application

If the event occurs exclusively on park property, contact the Minneapolis Park Board, for Park Permits and Reservations. An additional  permit is not required from the City.

Event requirements

In addition to completing a Race Permit Application, the event must meet these requirements:

  • Application must be submitted at least 60 days prior to event. A legible route map must be included.
  • Once the race route has been approved, please provide detailed traffic control plan with application showing the location and type of traffic control signs.
  • Race events must take place between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday.
  • Authorized traffic control agents or police personnel must be provided at all intersections requiring traffic control.
  • Barricades, signs and delineation equipment must be installed and removed as directed by either the Public Works or Police Department. The City does not rent equipment. There are a number of local private firms which do rent the equipment.
  • Volunteers must be provided to monitor barricades at all intersections not requiring traffic control personnel.
  • City law requires you to notify residents and property owners abutting the event route. You must notify them by leaflet at least 48 hours, but not more than seven days, before the event.
    Read Minneapolis Ordinance 447.130


  • Application fee: $100 non-refundable filing fee is required with the application.
  • Participant fee: A permit fee of $.50 per participant is due within 5 days prior to any event which exclusively uses city streets. The $.50 fee is based on pre-registration or number of participants as noted in the application, whichever is higher.
    • Additional participant fees for the actual number of participants are due within seven days after the event.
    • If the actual number of participants was less than stated in the application you may apply for a refund within seven days of the event. 
    • If event is on both Park and City Property participant fees will only be charged by the Park Board.
    • Fees not received may precipitate revocation of permit and non-issuance of future permits.
  • No Parking Sign posting fee: When the posting of temporary “No Parking” signs along a race route is required, applicants seeking a race permit for a race must additionally pay fees that shall be set by resolution of the City Council. Before the application is submitted, please contact Shane Morton of Public Works to determine the posting fee. Payment of the posting fee must be submitted with the application.
    Contact Shane Morton of Public Works

Please complete the applications form and return it to Dee Ann McQuerry of Public Works.
Contact Dee Ann McQuerry

Special events questions

For more information about Special Events Requirements and Permits, contact Shane Morton.

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