Common residential violations

Common residential violations in Minneapolis include litter, graffiti, inoperable vehicles and more.

Inspectors are looking for violations like these

Alley and sidewalk

Growth and vegetation that hangs over the edge of the public alley or public sidewalk must be cut and removed. A clearance of seven feet over public sidewalks and 14 feet over public alleys is required.

For more information, see these fact sheets: 

Garbage and litter

Each property should have adequate trash containers, and the property should be free of trash, garbage and debris. If a nuisance condition exists and is not corrected in the time allotted, inspectors will order proper disposal and may authorize a contractor to correct the problem and assess the costs to the owner.

General disrepair

Buildings that lack paint, have broken windows and rotting wood, broken steps or guardrails, and missing bricks in walls and chimneys.


Owners will be asked to paint over or remove graffiti marks painted on their property.

Grass and weeds

Grass in taller than eight inches is in violation of Minneapolis ordinance. If grass is taller than eight inches, an inspector may issue an order to the property owner giving them at least three days to cut it. If the violation is not corrected, inspectors may authorize a contractor to cut the grass and assess the costs and administrative fees to the owner.

Inoperable vehicles

Inoperable or junk vehicles that have missing wheels or engines, broken windows, or out-of-date registrations may be considered nuisances and be subject to administrative citations. A yellow sticker is placed on inoperable vehicles.

Parking in yard

Vehicles may not be parked in yards or on unpaved surfaces; vehicles must be parked within the garage or on a hard-surfaced driveway.

No more than two vehicles per dwelling unit, with proper driveway surface, may be parked outdoors on a property. Excess vehicles may be towed.

Missing or unreadable addresses

Visible and numeric house numbers are required for identification by emergency vehicles. Numbers must be on the front of the home and in the rear if there is an alley access.

Poor housing hygiene

Homes with extremely unhealthy conditions such as excessive or improperly stored garbage, rats, roaches, or other situations that may cause a health hazard.

Unlicensed businesses

Illegal businesses will be reported to Licenses and Consumer Services.

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