Stormwater utility fee

We explain stormwater utility fees and programs that can reduce fees.

Fee history

Since 2005, the costs for providing stormwater management have been listed as a separate line item on the City’s utility bills. Prior to that, those costs were part of customer's sewer charges.

Stormwater issues

In an urban environment like Minneapolis, hard surfaces like parking lots, sidewalks, rooftops, and other hard impermeable surfaces, prohibit stormwater from absorbing into the ground. Stormwater searches for low gravity, where it will enter the storm sewer system before discharging directly into the Mississippi River and the lakes and creeks of Minneapolis. As stormwater runoff travels over ground, it collects pollutants, waste, and other debris. This can create health and safety concerns for not only residents, but also for wildlife.

Left unmanaged, stormwater can:

  • Pool on the property
  • Potentially damage existing vegetation and physical structures due to flooding, erosion and pollution

Fee reduction programs

People who use effective stormwater management practices on their commercial or residential properties can apply to receive reductions in their stormwater utility fee. Learn more about the requirements and application process for commercial and residential utility credit programs.

See stormwater utility fee programs

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