Common questions

We answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) about liquor licenses.

Common questions

How do I apply for a liquor license?

Our application forms include checklists of what you need to do to get a liquor license.

How long does it take to get a liquor license in Minneapolis?

About six to eight weeks. 

Both the city and the state are involved in the approval of your liquor application. Six to eight weeks is the average time needed for approval. This starts from the day all the requirements are submitted and fees paid. This timeline may vary based on the complexity of your application and the number of other applications in the review process. If you have questions about your application, contact your License Inspector.

Who can I call if I have questions or complaints about a local bar or liquor store?

Contact 311 

Besides 311, is there anyone else I can contact for more information?

Contact Business Licenses

What are the acceptable forms of identification?

The main types are driver’s license, state ID, military ID and passport. The State of Minnesota has Identification Card Requirements on their website

Where can I find a link to the city rules about alcohol licenses? I would like to understand the rules for businesses that sell alcohol.

See the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances, Title 14: Liquor and Beer

How are these rules and regulations enforced?

  • Inspectors use a checklist for enforcement and accountability.
  • Inspectors do routine and complaint inspections. They are also assigned to work evenings and weekends. 

What are the penalties if a business violates these rules? For repeat violations?

Warnings, citations, fines, license suspension and/or revocation. 

How can I find out what my ward is and who the City Council Member for my ward is?

Search for your address in Find my ward

Do you have a City Council calendar with meeting dates? If I attend a public meeting, may I voice my concerns to the City Council?

View our meeting schedule. You may also contact your Council Member or License Inspector. If you attend a public hearing, you may speak to the City Council.

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