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The City will be accepting pre-applications for both pre-development and development grants for both programs.

LCA Pre-development grants

The City of Minneapolis will accept pre-applications for pre-development grants for projects meeting one of the following criteria:

  • The project is on a property requiring redevelopment caused by the 2020 civil unrest (e.g. the building either required or requires demolition from damage sustained during the civil unrest); or
  • The project is being undertaken by a developer participating in the City’s Small Developer Technical Assistance Program (DTAP) 

Pre-applicants will be required to demonstrate site control or have documented permission from the property owner to be considered. 

Please note, these funds are for project planning and cannot be used for physical redevelopment, such as demolition, site preparation, or infrastructure improvements. See the Development Grant opportunities below for those types of uses.

Find information on the LCA Pre-development Grant Program on the Metropolitan Council’s webpage 

Selected projects can receive up to $150,000 for eligible project costs. 

Pre-applications are due by Thursday, February 9, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. If unable to complete an online form, accommodations can be made to allow an alternative format.

Complete the pre-application


Pre-applications due: February 9, 2023
Recommendation to BIHZ Committee: March 14, 2023
City Council decision: March 23, 2023
Draft application deadline: TBD
Final application deadline: TBD (anticipated deadline, mid-April 2023)

LCDA and TOD development grants

The City of Minneapolis will start accepting pre-applications for LCDA and TOD development grants beginning on March 22, 2023.

A $750 application fee is due to the CPED offices by the application deadline. Late applications will not be accepted. We reserve the right to accept or reject all funding requests and rescind the request for proposals.

Staff will evaluate proposals through an established selection process, which includes factors around project readiness and conformance with City plans as well as program requirements. A recommendation will be made to the Minneapolis City Council on up to three applications for each program to submit to the Metropolitan Council (only three applications per program may be submitted per city).

Considerations before submitting a pre-application:

  • The City requires a $750 pre-application fee for LCDA and TOD Development grants.
  • LCDA and TOD development grants are extremely competitive.
    • Not all project submitting pre-applications will be allowed to submit applications to the Metropolitan Council.
    • Metropolitan Council funding is typically oversubscribed; they receive more requests for funding than funding available.
  • Selection preference will be given to projects with committed City funding.
  • Based on pre-applications received, CPED staff will determine to which funding program applications will be submitted.
  • While the project developer prepares the applications, these are City applications to Metropolitan Council; the City reserves the right to make changes to applications up to the time they are submitted by the City to the Metropolitan Council.
  • Grant funds will not be awarded by Metropolitan Council until the 4th quarter of 2023.
  • Grant funds will not be available to the developer until the City accepts the grants from the Met Council and executes a Grant Agreement, at which time a pass-through contract between the City and the developer can be executed.
  • Grant funds will not be available until the project is fully funded and ready to begin construction. Grant funds can be used to reimburse the developer for costs incurred and billed.
  • A City grant award administration fee will be collected at the time of execution of the subrecipient agreement between the City and the developer. No City or Metropolitan Council funds may be used to pay this fee. 
    • Affordable Housing Projects: 3% per grant award, capped at $20,000 per award (not per project). This grant administration fee is due at closing.
    • Commercial Projects: 7% per grant award
    • Commercial Projects located in Great Streets in “intervene” areas by the Great Streets Business District Program: 3% per grant award (not per project).
  • The City will require compliance with City policies, including:

Application materials

To be eligible for consideration, an online pre-application must be submitted.

The following list of documents are required for a complete City pre-application submittal. Please use the forms linked below.

1.  Online pre-application

The online pre-application will be available beginning March 22, 2023.

Required attachments:

Attachments will be uploaded at the end of the online pre-application form.

2.  $750 nonrefundable, pre-application fee

  • This fee cannot be paid with either City of Minneapolis or Metropolitan Council funds.
  • The application fee is due to CPED offices (505 4th Avenue #320, Minneapolis, MN 55415) by the application deadline.
  • Fee must be paid by check payable to the City of Minneapolis. 
  • Send check with attention to Linnea Graffunder-Bartels

3.  Additional information

  • City staff may request additional information, once your pre-application is under review.
  • Requests will come through an application called Smartsheet.


Pre-applications released: March 22, 2023
Pre-applications due: April 21, 2023
Recommendation to BIHZ Committee: June 20, 2023
City Council decision: June 28, 2023
LCDA/TOD draft application: July 28, 2023
LCDA/TOD application submission: August 14, 2023

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