3-200 Personal Equipment

3-201 AUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT AND WEAPONS (07/19/07) (12/30/10)


To provide regulations and procedures regarding the distribution, maintenance and possession of both City-owned and personal police-related equipment. (12/30/10)


While working, sworn MPD employees shall only carry and use equipment and weapons that have been authorized by the MPD Training Unit, and only the weapons the employee has been trained to use by the MPD Training Unit or its designee.

The MPD Training Unit shall be responsible for conducting research and product testing of any new equipment or weapons prior to authorization for carry and use by sworn MPD employees. Documentation of any employee authorized to conduct field testing of new equipment or weapon shall be retained by the MPD Training Unit. (07/19/07)

MPD employees shall comply with directives as outlined unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Chief of Police or his/her designee. (12/30/10)


  1. Equipment shall not be altered in any way to change its general appearance or function. (03/08/02)
  2. All MPD purchased equipment shall be marked with the full “Minneapolis Police” designation before issue/use. Markings may include “Mpls Police” or “MPD.” Police Stores will provide uniform markings and advise units of the best marking for equipment type. If equipment is purchased/shipped directly to a unit, the commander shall ensure that the items are brought to Police Stores for Department marking before use. This directive does not apply to standard “police” labeled clothing. (07/19/07) (12/30/10)
  3. All employees on leave of absence in excess of 180 days, disability status, resignation, termination or retirement shall relinquish all city-issued equipment immediately upon the start of such status to Police Stores. A CAPRS report will be filed for any item not returned. (03/08/02) (03/01/05) (07/19/07) (12/30/10)
  4. MPD employees under suspension shall report as ordered and surrender their badges, identification card and any other city issued equipment requested by the Internal Affairs Unit.
    1. No employee may wear the MPD uniform, be armed, or carry a badge or police identification while under suspension. (07/19/07)
    2. During a suspension period, an employee cannot carry a weapon based on their status as a licensed peace officer with the Minneapolis Police Department. This also includes the ability to carry a weapon into other states based on federal law. An employee may carry a weapon during the suspension period, provided they have other legal authority to do so (e.g. State of Minnesota Permit to Carry a Handgun). (12/30/10)

3-202          CITY PROPERTY – MPD ISSUED (03/08/02) (07/19/07) (12/30/10) (12/17/18)

A.    The City of Minneapolis will issue the following equipment to all sworn employees: (12/30/10) (07/01/11)

·         Ammunition

·         Bloodborne Pathogen Kits

·         Breast Badge

·         Chemical Agent

·         Gas Mask (APR)

·         Gas Mask (APR) Carrier

·         Gas Mask Filter

·         Hat Badge

·         Handgun- Primary Duty (if hired after 12/01/18)

·         Identification Card

·         Name Tag

·         Office Keys/Access Cards (when applicable)

·         Police Radio

·         Riot Helmet

·         Riot Stick

·         Shoulder Patches (10)

·         Squad Car keys

·         Traffic Vest

B.     The City of Minneapolis may issue the following equipment to civilian employees:

·         Cellular Phones

·         Office keys/Access Cards (when applicable)

·         Identification Card

·         Other equipment as deemed necessary by the Precinct/Division Commander.

C.    The City of Minneapolis may issue additional equipment (tactical and administrative) to employees as needed for specialized assignments. (12/30/10)

3-203          REQUIRED EQUIPMENT (03/08/02) (12/30/10) (12/17/18)

A.    Every sworn MPD employee shall supply the following equipment at his/her own expense:

·         Firearm- Handgun (unless hired after 12/01/18)

·         Leather equipment and accessories

·         Handcuffs

·         Flashlight

·         Impact Weapon

B.     Every sworn MPD employee shall carry the following equipment unless assigned to undercover duty where it is necessary to conceal their identity. (12/30/10)

·         MPD issued ammunition

·         MPD authorized badge

·         MPD authorized firearm

·         MPD authorized handcuffs and key

·         MPD issued identification card

·         MPD cell phone (if issued)

C.    Every sworn MPD employee working in a uniformed capacity shall carry the following authorized equipment and weapons. (11/06/07) (12/30/10)

·         MPD authorized CED (if issued)

·         MPD authorized impact weapon (optional for those issued a CED)

·         MPD issued chemical agent

·         MPD authorized flashlight

·         MPD authorized hobble

·         MPD authorized nametag

·         MPD issued portable radio

D.    Every sworn MPD employee working in a uniformed capacity shall have accessible the following equipment: (12/14/07) (07/01/11)

·         MPD issued gas mask (APR)

·         MPD issued gas mask (APR) Carrier

·         MPD issued gas mask filter


3-204          DUTY HANDGUNS (03/14/03) (01/27/05) (07/19/07) (02/06/12) (06/09/15) (12/17/18)

A.    Duty Handguns for Sworn Employees Hired on or after December 1, 2018

1.      Sworn employees hired on or after December 1, 2018 shall only be permitted to carry Department-owned firearms as their primary duty handguns.

a.       The MPD Range Master shall maintain the approved list of the Department-owned primary duty handguns authorized by the Chief of Police.

b.      Hammer platform handguns may only be declared after an employee has served one full year after being sworn in to the MPD.

c.       The authorized caliber for primary duty handguns is 9mm. Officers can be issued and carry 45ACP with prior approval from the Range Master, based on the ability to qualify.

2.      Sworn employees who wish to convert to an authorized Department-owned handgun as a primary duty handgun shall attend and pass an appropriate conversion course at the MPD Range. 

3.      Upon successful completion of the conversion course, the authorized handgun shall be the only handgun a sworn employee is authorized to carry as their primary duty handgun while on duty.

B.     Second Handgun (06/09/15)

1.      Sworn employees may elect to carry a second declared handgun while on duty, provided they have passed the appropriate conversion and qualification courses for the particular handgun. (02/06/12)

2.      The MPD Range Master shall maintain the approved list of second handguns and calibers.

3.      Sworn employees may only carry a second gun that is under the same platform (striker or hammer) as their authorized primary duty handgun.

4.      Sworn employees working in an active undercover capacity may use their second handgun as their duty handgun during these operations for officer safety purposes with approval of their Inspector or Commander. (03/13/07) (02/06/12) (11/08/13)

5.      Sworn employees who wish to carry a second handgun on duty shall carry it concealed and in a holster. (02/06/12)

C.    Authorized Handguns for Sworn Employees Hired before December 1, 2018 (02/06/12) (06/09/15)

1.      Sworn employees hired before December 1, 2018 are authorized to continue carrying any handgun that was previously authorized, provided they have a duty declaration form on file with the range and they have qualified with that weapon prior to December 1, 2018.

2.      Sworn employees will be permitted to replace a declared handgun that has been lost, stolen, destroyed or deemed inoperable by the range staff.

3.      The Range Master shall maintain the list of firearms authorized before December 1, 2018.

4.      Sworn employees hired prior to 1988 may continue to carry MPD approved full size revolvers as their duty handgun.

D.    Regulations Applicable to All Handguns (02/06/12) (06/09/15)

1.      All sworn employees shall attend and pass annual firearms training required by the MN POST Board.

a.       A Declaration of Duty Handgun form (MP-8876) shall be completed by the sworn employee and kept on file at the MPD Range for every handgun an employee has declared as a duty weapon.

b.      Firearm qualification records shall be maintained by the MPD Range.

2.      All sworn employees shall carry a declared handgun while on duty and in uniform, unless otherwise prohibited.

a.       All handguns carried while on duty shall be fully loaded.

b.      All handguns carried while on duty shall be carried in holsters.

3.      Sworn employees working a plainclothes assignment shall wear their declared handguns in a manner that will not attract attention or be open to public view.


4.      Sworn employees working in an undercover capacity may be permitted to be unarmed based on the nature of their undercover assignment, with approval of their Inspector or Commander. (03/13/07) (02/06/12) (11/08/13)

5.      Sworn employees working in uniform shall carry two additional fully loaded magazines for semi-automatic handguns or two fully loaded speed loaders for revolvers.

6.      The Range Master shall maintain a list of approved lights and holsters for all handguns that the MPD uses.

a.       The light attachment shall not be the primary flashlight. Employees shall carry an MPD approved flashlight (refer to Section 3-203 Required Equipment).

b.      Prior to adding a light to a declared handgun, sworn employees shall attend and pass a qualification course at the MPD Range with the new equipment.

c.       Laser sight systems are prohibited.

7.      Declared handguns shall not be altered in any way without approval of the Range Master.

8.      Servicing (Gunsmithing and Alterations) of Department-owned handguns shall only be performed by MPD Range Staff.  This does not include routine cleaning and general handgun maintenance, when performed by employees at the direction of MPD Range Staff.  



A. Handcuffs (03/08/02) (07/19/07)

1. Every sworn MPD employee shall carry at least one set of handcuffs while working in a uniform or plainclothes capacity.

2. Handcuffs shall comply with the following requirements:

      a. Authorized Brands: Smith & Wesson or Peerless

      b. Authorized Styles: Hinged or Chain

      c. Double locking mechanism

      d. Black or Chrome finish

3. Plastic handcuffs may be used to supplement standard handcuffs in emergency situations.

      a. Plastic handcuffs may be used in mass arrest situations and should be available in all sergeants' vehicles.

      b. Plastic handcuffs should not ordinarily be used in felony arrests or for restraining mentally ill individuals.

      c. When using plastic handcuffs, the employee should monitor the arrestee to prevent injury. (03/01/05) (07/19/07)

B. Hobbles (07/19/07)

1. Uniformed employees shall have the hobble readily accessible in their duty vehicle or on their person.

2. The hobble shall be of the authorized brand RIPP Restraint Hobble.

C. Flashlights (03/08/02) (07/19/07)

1. Every sworn MPD employee shall carry a flashlight while working in a uniform capacity.

2. The flashlight shall comply with the following requirements:

      a. Diameter not to exceed 1-1/2 inches

      b. Black finish

      c. Minimum of two cells or equivalent

      d. Maximum of five cells or equivalent

D. Knives - Employees may carry a knife as a tool. The knife blade length shall not exceed 4 inches. (03/08/02) (07/19/07)

E. Traffic Whistle - If used, traffic whistles shall be of military or police design only. (03/08/02)

F. Chemical Agents (10/30/02) (09/04/12) (07/01/13)

1. Every sworn MPD employee shall carry a 4 oz. canister of chemical agent on their person at all times while working in uniform. In addition, canisters larger than 4 oz. may be carried by sworn MPD employees when authorized by a supervisor. (07/01/13)

2. Employees shall only carry the chemical agent issued to them by the department. (07/19/07)

3. Authorized chemical agents are: (09/04/12)

      a. Aerko Freeze +P, 1% CS/1% OC

      • 4 oz 2k3

      • 17.5 oz M9 Streamer

      b. Defense Technology Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Solution .2%

      • 12oz MK9 Streamer

G. Batons (Impact Weapons) (03/08/02) (07/19/07) (12/30/10) (07/01/13)

1. Every sworn MPD employee, whose job assignment would reasonably require them to respond to 911 calls or initiate calls for service, shall carry an impact weapon while working in uniform unless issued a CED. Impact weapons are optional for employees issued a CED.

2. The impact weapon shall comply with the following requirements:

      a. Authorized Brands – ASP or Monadnock

      b. Overall extended length not to exceed 26 inches.

      c. Black or Chrome finish

H. Riot Stick (07/19/07)

1. Every sworn MPD employee, while working in a uniformed capacity, shall keep in their possession (and readily available, i.e. in the squad) a riot stick for response to civil disturbances when needed.

2. Employees shall only carry the riot stick issued to them by the MPD.

I. Conducted Energy Device (CED) (07/19/07) (12/30/10) (07/01/13)

1. Sworn MPD employees shall carry a CED (if issued) while working in a uniform capacity.

2. The CED shall comply with the following requirements:

      a.  Authorized Brand – TASER® 
          Authorized Model – X26
          Authorized Ammunition – TASER® Brand compressed air cartridges (Department issued only)


      b. Authorized Brand - TASER® 
          Authorized Model - X2
          Authorized Ammunition - TASER® Brand compressed air smart cartridges (Department issued only)

J. Reflective Vests - All sworn MPD employees shall wear reflective vests when involved in traffic direction or control. (03/08/02) (07/19/07)

3-206 RIOT HELMETS AND HELMET BAGS (03/08/02) (12/30/10) (02/06/12)

  1. Riot helmets shall be maintained by each sworn employee and shall be kept at the employee’s duty assignment at all times. Helmet bags shall be used to protect the helmets while in storage or during transport. (07/19/07)
  2. The helmet shall have:
    1. The employee’s badge number placed on the front and rear of each helmet.
      1. The front of the helmet shall have the employee’s badge number centered and placed no more than ¼ inch above the badge insignia.
      2. The rear of the helmet shall have the employee badge number centered and placed two inches above the base of the helmet.
      3. The badge number stickers shall be no less than one inch in height and shall be black with a white background. (07/19/07)
    2. The MPD badge insignia placed on the front of the helmet.
      1. The badge insignia shall be centered in the front of the helmet and placed directly above the base of the visor.
      2. Supervisors shall have gold badge insignia
      3. Officers shall have silver badge insignia.
  3. MPD Stores Unit personnel will provide badge number stickers for placement on helmets. (03/01/05)
  4. Additional markings shall not be placed on the helmet unless directed to do so by a supervisor.

3-207          BICYCLES (03/08/02) (12/30/10) (02/06/12)

A.    Bicycles may be used by sworn employees for both uniformed patrol and plainclothes assignments. Employees must obtain a supervisor’s approval to use bicycles on a limited basis for plainclothes assignments. (08/02/13)
                        B. Employees must successfully complete an MPD-approved bicycle patrol certification program and complete continued training requirements to maintain the bike patrol certification status. (08/02/13)
                        C. Employees without MPD-approved bicycle patrol training may use a bicycle for an isolated detail (no more than one shift) or an assignment in which a bicycle will only be ridden on a limited basis (no more than one week); with prior approval by a supervisor. (07/19/07) (08/02/13)
                        D. Employees must obtain a supervisor’s approval and meet the following provisions prior to using a bicycle on duty: (07/19/07)
                               1. All bicycles shall be inspected prior to use. If any deficiency is noted that would interfere with the safe and legal operation of the bicycle, it shall not be used until the problem has been corrected.
                               2. If the bicycle is MPD-owned or furnished, any deficiency or damage shall be reported to the MPD Bike Patrol Coordinator, who shall arrange for repair or maintenance as required. (07/19/07) (08/02/13)
3. Any employee using a personal bicycle or bicycle equipment for police duties assumes all risk for wear or damage to the bicycle and items. The MPD shall have no responsibility for maintenance, repair, or replacement of the employee’s personal bicycle or bicycle items. (07/19/07) (08/02/13)



3-208 BODY ARMOR (01/01/13)


To provide procedures for the use, standards and specifications, and reimbursement of body armor worn by sworn employees and to maximize the Minneapolis Police Department’s opportunities to receive Federal grant funds.


To maximize officer safety through the use of body armor in combination with prescribed safety procedures.

  1. The wearing of body armor is mandatory for all sworn employees while wearing the uniform when working on or off duty, who are involved in any enforcement activities.
  2. Sworn employees electing to wear a body armor external vest carrier shall adhere to the standards and specifications outlined in section 3-121.08 of the MPD policy manual.

3-208.01 BALLISTIC VEST REIMBURSEMENT (03/08/02) (12/30/10) (02/06/12) (01/01/13)

  1. Ballistic Vest Reimbursement (see also, Minnesota State Statute 299A.38)
    1. Only vests that either meet or exceed the requirements of standard 0101.03 of the National Institute of Justice or that meet or exceed the requirements of that standard, except wet armor conditioning, are eligible for reimbursement.
    2. The State of Minnesota provides reimbursement for the purchase of an eligible ballistic vest every 5 years (plus 1 day) to Minnesota peace officers. The amount of reimbursement is adjusted yearly by the Commissioner of Public Safety.
    3. The City of Minneapolis will match the amount reimbursed by the State.
    4. The amount reimbursed by the State and City is determined based on the purchase date of the vest.
  2. Reimbursement Process
    1. The sworn employee seeking ballistic vest reimbursement shall:
      1. Keep documentation of his/her own ballistic vest purchases.
      2. Complete the City of Minneapolis Employee Reimbursement Form and the Vest Reimbursement State Form. These forms are available on MPDnet.
      3. Mail the State form to the State.
      4. Forward the completed Employee Reimbursement Form to Police Administration. A copy of the itemized invoice/paid receipt for the ballistic vest purchase must be attached to the form.


Last updated Dec 17, 2018



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