Report Abandoned Vehicle

Did you notice a vehicle that looks abandoned? Reporting an abandoned vehicle online is quick and easy.  Once submitted,  a 311 customer service agent will log your concern. A Traffic Control Agent will be sent out to determine whether the vehicle is in violation and chalk the vehicle’s tires, and then return in 72 hours to verify that the vehicle has not moved. Once the issue has been addressed, you will be notified of the results.

According to City Ordinance §478.250, no vehicle shall remain on any street or highway in the city in excess of 72 consecutive hours. Any vehicle lacking vital component parts shall be presumed abandoned and may be immediately removed and impounded. If abandoned, the vehicle owner may be fined up to $100 and the vehicle will be towed. The vehicle owner will be responsible for applicable towing and impound fees.

Reporting Requirements

Before reporting a parking violation, you'll need to have:

When reporting a violation, these items are required:

Report a Violation

Report an abandoned vehicle  (Vehicles parked on public right of way such as streets/alleys)

Report an abandoned vehicle (Vehicles parked on private property)


Last updated Apr 24, 2020